Gorgeous Cookie had a lot of knots and mats so had to do a shorter style this time but he’s still gorgeous, handsome and happy but not keen on having his photo taken 💗
To book your fur-baby in for a pamper call me on 07594 996200 or message via my website / facebook.
looking forward to seeing you, thanks 😁🐕💗


Visits from these little beauties are a lovely way to finish the week.
To book a pamper session for your fur beauty please phone 07594 996200 / 01204 771855 or message via my website / facebook, thanks

PawBliss Dog Grooming – PRICES from 1st September 2018

Full Groom: includes bath/shampoo/conditioner, dry, full fluff/brush-out untangling minor knots/mats, claws+pads trimmed, ears cleaned/plucked, sanitary areas cleaned, full cut & style to breed standard and doggy cologne to finish.
Toy dogs                                           – from £30.00
Small dogs                                       – from £35.00
Medium dogs                                  – from £40.00
Large dogs                                       – from £45.00

**Please note maximum weight restriction of 25kg per dog**

Bath+Brush: includes bath/shampoo/conditioner, dry, full fluff/brush-out untangling minor knots/mats and doggy cologne to finish.
Toy dogs                                           – from £20.00
Small dogs                                       – from £25.00
Medium dogs                                  – from £30.00
Large dogs                                       – from £35.00

**Please note maximum weight restriction of 25kg per dog**

Puppy pamper: warm bath using mild shampoo and fluff dry with the dryer set on low.  Ears will be gently cleaned, tips taken off claws, paws tidied, their coat trimmed as necessary and doggy cologne to finish.                                                                                   (available up to 6 months)            – from £25.00

Other charges:
Claws clipped                                – £7.00
Claws clipped & pad tidy            – £12.00
Ear plucking & cleaning             – £7.00
Flea shampoo treatment            – £10.00
*extra charge to cover deep clean and fumigate the premises*
Tick Removal                                – £5.00 per tick
*ticks returned to you for diagnostics by your vet should your dog become ill*

Prices are listed as a guide and based on pets with an even temperament that are regularly home and professionally groomed. Dogs that require additional work due to poor coat condition or are difficult to manage/handle may incur extra charges of £10.00 per hour or part thereof.

If your dog is matted to a degree I feel de-matting will distress or make your dog uncomfortable, we will discuss and agree alternative options before starting the groom.

If after booking you find you need to re-schedule or cancel, please give at least 24hrs notice.  Less than 24hrs notice may incur an extra charge of £10.00. Re-scheduled or cancelled 2 or more times will require 50% deposit on bookings.

It’s been a furry girlie day, just look at these little beauties 
To book a pamper for your cutie call me on 07594 996200 or 01204 771855

If you have or are considering giving a loving home to a non-shedding and/or double coated and/or dog breed ending ‘oodle’, ‘poo’, ‘tzu’ or similar coat type please read on…………

These beautiful dogs require a lot of home grooming right down to the skin not just the top fluff.  They need to be groomed at least twice a week and for some breeds every day as well as regular professional grooming and recommend the following tools:
Fine/Coarse Anti-static comb = £7.95
9 Blade Dematting comb = £12.50
Matt Splitter = £3.45
Small Ball Pin Slicker Brush = £5.75 or Medium Ball Pin Slicker Brush = £6.40

Used regularly will keep your dogs coat and skin in great condition, your dog happy with no painful matts/knots and your groomer happy as will be able to style your dog and not have to clip-off.  It’s also a great way to bond with your fur-baby.

All items can be bought from me at my little groom room either separately at the individual price listed or as a  SPECIAL OFFER  bundle of  £24 (small slicker) and £25
(medium slicker).

For more information or to make a purchase please call me on 07594 996200 / 01204 771855 or message via my website or facebook page, thanks
http://www.pawblissdoggrooming.co.uk  or  https://www.facebook.com/pawblissdoggrooming/

BIG News

From 1st December 2017 PawBliss Dog Grooming is happy to announce the following products will be available to purchase from the little groom room.
I use all these tools to groom your fur-babies and am very happy to recommend their effectiveness.
Used regularly they will help you keep your dog knot free and maintain that just groomed freshness in between professional grooms

New Phototastic Collage2Baby Fresh Shampoo 450ml = £6.90
Baby Fresh Cologne 200ml = £7.50
Black anti-static comb 20cm = £7.95
Small ball pin slicker brush = £5.75
Medium ball pin slicker brush = £6.60
9 Blade de-matting comb = £12.50
Matt splitter = £3.45
Coat King – wide 20 tooth = £16.75


Also we have a small display of stunning, original, handmade pet collars on offer.  These are made using unique fabrics and trims to create an individual product for your fur-baby.  They can be made bespoke to your requirements, so if you don’t see the one you want in the little groom room we can arrange for a quote and timescales to be provided of your very own design to be made just your special fur-baby –
**Any design, any size and perfect for every occasion**New Phototastic Collage


And finally we can now offer you the choice of paying for all services and products by cash or card.