Further to the announcement that the lockdown has been extended a further 3 weeks, I’m sorry but I have to remain closed.

I know your dogs coat will be getting long and a bit unruly and you may be concerned they could get overheated.

Before you get too concerned their coat is causing him/her to sweat, remember that nature put all that hair there for a reason (well, that and the fact dogs don’t sweat).

A good brush and comb down to the skin every day after their walk is all that’s needed to help keep them cool, knot, matt free and comfy.

By brushing and combing your dog every day, you help get rid of the fluffy undercoat, stop knots from developing and allow air to circulate around the dog’s skin, which is one of your dog’s natural cooling mechanisms.

Helping your dog shed their undercoat can also help the skin stay drier, which in turn can help prevent knots, matting, skin complications from insect bites and hot spots.

So while it may be hard to imagine how all that fur could actually be keeping your dog cool, remember that dogs don’t sweat anywhere other than their nose and paws and they shed excess heat through panting.

Hope this of help but if you need any advice please feel free to message or ring me. As soon as I get the green light I’ll be in touch and book an appointment for you.

In the meantime, Take care, stay safe and enjoy spending time with your families, fur-babies and the lovely sunshine.

Love and best wishes from me, Evie and nervous boy Flynn